Will L.
I've got about 5 really large (30+ft), bushy trees at the back of my property that I need trimmed and topped every year or two. I usually don't have much loyalty when it comes to trimmers, usu whatever is cheapest. Angel offered a fair price, so I went with him, expecting the usu work. When he got started, I blown away to see how much work he was actually doing. I usually get folks that come in and do just enough to get out of here. Angel and his brother stayed all day. Safe to say, they at least doubled the work other guys have done. Thinned out thr trees evenly and gave them shape. He's also conscious of proximity to power lines and structures, so there was some thought put into what he was doing. He seems really knowledgeable about what he's doing and makes sure to ask you what you want, offers good advice and suggestions, so you can be happy with the outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to call him back.